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Bathing Rules

1. General

a) The bathing rules are binding for all bathing guests and form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Kur und Bäder GmbH. By entering the spa, visitors acknowledge these and all other regulations for maintaining operating safety. The Vita Classica staff shall apply the house rules to all visitors. Wishes, suggestions and criticism are gladly accepted, preferably in writing.
b) Children aged younger than 3 years may not use the spa without a prescription from the doctor or a disclaimer of the parents .
c) Last admission is up to one hour before the spa closes. Bathing time ends 30 minutes before the spa closes.
d) The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the Vita Classica. Photos may only be taken with the explicit permission of the management.
e) To visit the Sauna paradise is a minimum age of 16 years obliged.
f) The bather visitors have to behave according the good habits and maintenance of Security, Silence and Order. Sexual acts and performance are forbidden.

2. Admission tickets
a) Admission tickets can be obtained at the cash desk. Refunds are not possible.
b) Purchased multiple tickets or gift coupons have a price bound validity of a maximum of 12 months. Then there have to be paid a price increase.
c) The gift coupon loses its validity three years after purchase (ordered by law).
d) Cash coupons never lose its validity.
e) It’s not possible to accumulate the Bad Krozinger Kundenkarte with the BZCard for a discount.
f) Cash- and gift coupons can't be exchanged into money.
g) Single tickets and tickets obtained by prescription are only valid on the bathing day. If you have a prescription, please heed the separate information.
h) Credit is loaded onto all entry cards (single or multiple use, season tickets and prepaid cards) so that they can be used for cashless payments. If you lose your entry card or transponder armband you will be required to pay compensatory damages. We recommend to personalize the cards (multiple tickets, season tickets and prepaid cards) or to present your receipt.
i) Annual and semi-annual season tickets are strictly not renewable. It is not possible to refund the costs of the purchased tickets. In the case of very long illness, in isolated cases the management may possibly make an exception on submission of a written doctor's certificate. In any case, tickets will neither be renewed nor refunded for illness lasting three weeks.
j) Semiannual and annual season tickets can only be used once each day and can not be used by anyone else than you.
k) Charges shall be brought against any kind of misuse of the admission tickets.

3. Hygiene
a) Suitable swimwear shall be worn when using the spa - for women swimsuits or bikinis with a top and for men swimming trunks or bathing shorts. Bathing shorts must not be longer than to the knee. Underwear must not be worn under the swimwear. Bathing caps are not required
b) Before bathing your body must be spring-cleaned with soap. Shave, cutting nails, manicure, pedicure, hair colouration or the like is not allowed because of hygienic und aesthetic reasons.
c) Smoking or steaming (e-cigarette, e-shisha) is only permitted in the designated areas in the outdoor part of the spa and the Sauna Paradise.
d) The sauna bath is carried out naked. In the cubicles, it is imperative that you sit on a sauna towel of sufficient dimensions (min. 140 x 70 cm). The principle of no perspiration on the wood applies. Bathing shoes are to be removed before entering the cubicle.
4. Health
a) We recommend a bathing time from 30 to 60 minutes. If use of the spa has been prescribed by a doctor and health problems occur, please consult your doctor. After bathing, you are advised to rest for at least 30 minutes. Pool temperatures in the Vita Classica vary between 29°C and 36°C.
b) When using the Sauna Paradise, we recommend a heating up time of 8 to 12, maximum 15 minutes. After going in the sauna, you should take at least the same amount of time to cool down. Please also comply with the sauna rules of the German Sauna Association (Deutscher Saunabund).

5. Sauna infusion
a) The infusion in the Sauna Paradise is poured only by spa staff. Please refer to a separate notice for the infusion times. There is no right of voluntary service-benefit, like infusions, peelings and infusion additions.
6. Peace and quiet
a) You are asked to be quiet and considerate in the Vita Classica spa and Sauna Paradise. Jumping in from the side of the pool and sporty swimming and diving are not permitted. Absolute silence is required in the Vita Classica rest areas.
b) The using of sport and swim equipment is only allowed with the admission of the bath attendant.
c) Please do not reserve the deck chairs. If necessary, our staff will remove any items left for any reason on the deck chairs.
7. Food and drinks
a) There is a cafeteria in the Vita Classica spa and in the Sauna Paradise. Any food brought with you may only be consumed outside these areas.
b) Alcoholic drinks and breakable objects are not permitted on the premises.
8. Liability
a) You use the Vita Classica spa and Sauna Paradise at your own risk. We keep our facilities in a safe operating condition. We accept no liability for Acts of God and random events, or for defects which are not apparent even on taking due care.
b) For hygiene and safety reasons, you are advised to wear non-slip bathing shoes.
c) We are only liable for damage to people, property and assets in the event of wilful intent and gross negligence. This also applies to vehicles parked in our car parks.
d) We only accept liability for valuables and cash up to a maximum of € 80 if stored in our lockers.
e) We cannot accept any liability for damage to seeing aids.

Kur und Bäder GmbH
Bad Krozingen
March 2016