Indian Bath - Ayurveda

With authentic furnishings based on genuine Indian examples, our Indian Bath is unique in Germany.

Our therapists, who trained in Kerala, India, invite you into these exclusive facilities to experience the ayurvedic treatments. You are welcome to use the bath’s own garden which features a wooden tub filled with Bad Krozingen thermal water.

Indian Bath - Abhyanga Massage with Shirodhara

Abhyanga massage with warm tri-dosha oil and Shirodhara (forehead treatment) Approx. 130 min.
166,90 € per person

Indian Bath - Ayurveda - In the Land of the Senses

The ritual contains: Rejuvenating massage Shirodhara: forehead treatment Bath in a wooden tub filled with thermal water in our exotic garden...
199,00 € per person

Indian Bath - Enjoy Ayurveda for two

The ritual contains: Energizing foot bath with gemstones Head, shoulder and arm massage Ayurvedic full body massage Bath in a wooden tub filled with...
239,00 € per unit

Indian Bath - Shiva Temple

Rejuvenating massage; deep massage with hand and partially with foot; relaxing and purifying. Approx. 2 hour
144,90 € per person