Special treatments for deep relaxation

Marma vital points massage

A treatment for 17 marma points particularly those on the head. Relaxing and rejuvenating. Approximately 50 minutes

64,90 € per person

Tibetan sounds - 40 min.

Tibetan back massage and singing bowls relaxation. Approximately 40 minutes

56,00 € per person

Tibetan sounds - 60 min.

Tibetan back and facial massage and singing bowls relaxation. Approximately 60 minutes

76,00 € per person

Phantasiereise mit Gesichts-Verwöhnbehandlung

Gesichtspeeling, -maske, -massage mit Stimulierung bestimmter Akupressurpunkte im Gesicht; mit hochwertigem Hyaluron- und Hanfsamenöl; für glatte und weiche...

79,90 € per person

Cranio Vita

This deeply relaxing cranio-sacral treatment allows your life force to flow and stimulates self-healing powers. Results include better vitality, more joie...

69,90 € per person