Sauna Paradise

Vita Classica Sauna Paradise in the near of Freiburg features wonderful wellness areas.

The Sauna Paradise has a number of fantastic zones that will enhance your sense of well-being. From the classic 90°C hot indoor sauna to exotic salt crystal sauna, visitors can relax on three floors, in nine sauna cabins, several quiet zones, at the Vital bar, in two outdoor pools or in a stylish outdoor area with Japanese garden.

Anwendungen im Saunaparadies

Die Anwendungen im Saunaparadies werden von unserem Partner lavidamio GmbH durchgeführt.


The Japanese Resthouse

The decorative building in the style of a japanese teahouse is not only an addition on the outside, at the same time it's a symbol of the friendship and partnership between the Spa town and the Taketa/Naoiri in the far end of Nippon.


Eisbrunnen im Untergeschoss des Saunaparadieses

Abkühlung mit Eisflocken nach dem heißen Saunagang. Im Saunaparadies der Vita Classica Therme steht ein Eisbrunnen, der über sich hinaus wächst.