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Water gives you a heightened sense of well-being right from the start. At the refreshingly varied Vita Classica resort, small themed gardens and quiet zones invite you to while away the time, daydream and relax.

There are six indoor and two outdoor pools with temperatures ranging from 29 - 36°C, as well as lots of special experience zones.

Bathing in naturally warm water is one of the oldest forms of treatment known to man. Bad Krozingen thermal mineral water has a relaxing and regenerating effect and also stimulates the circulation. The healing effect of the thermal mineral water at Vita Classica is due to the fine pearl structure of the sparkling water, which has an immediate effect on blood vessels and nerves.

For refreshment there is a cafeteria at the Vita Classica with fresh food and drinks. It's directly to find in the entrance area or opposite of the outdoor pool "Erlebnis-Außenbecken".

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